Wendell Boggs

Agile Teacher and Instructional Designer

Denver North High School

5 Principles of an Agile Classroom

It is widely accepted that K-12 students need more authentic learning opportunities and better preparation for a world that demands characteristics like initiative, innovation and adaptability. How do we address the growing gulf between the skills students acquire in secondary school and those they need for success after high school?

Agile and Scrum principles and practices allow teachers to hand learning over to students, fostering student engagement, content mastery and development of soft skills like effective collaboration, accountability to self and team, and sustainable growth through reflection and metacognition.

Wendell Boggs has dedicated his professional life to embracing agility and to shifting the educational paradigm through agile practices and principles in his classes in Texas and Colorado. This talk will present the Agile classroom through a discussion of 5 foundational principles created by a group of passionate Agile Educators.



Wendell Boggs is a 17-year teacher from Texas who teaches sophomore English at North High School in Denver. He lives in Denver with his two children and wife/personal agility coach, Melissa Boggs. Through ongoing thought-provoking conversations and his growing friendship with John Miller, CST, Wendell came to embrace agility.

When he's not teaching, Wendell enjoys reading, woodworking, baseball and travel.