"IPM Day offers a very effective means for interacting with other professionals, learning about new products, and expanding one’s knowledge in a very efficient and cost effective way while allowing one to balance demands by having the presentation available for months beyond IPM Day. It's a great platform and event!" - Becky Philipp, Project Manager at AURI

"This IPM Day 2019 was my first experience with IIL and I loved it. I really felt like being in the conference site and navigating from one session to the next one. Well done." - Christian Barbé, Project Portfolio Manager at Nestlé

"Loved the event and the knowledgeable presenters. As a Sr Business Analyst in the financial industry I constantly face new and challenging issues that requires bouncing ideas and learning from peers the industry and function. This event gave me that much needed interaction." - Christopher Barbour, Sr. Business Analyst at Citi

"This event gets better every year so thank you for providing this opportunity and for lining up such great, talented speakers." - Cindy Colburn, Program Manager at HP Inc.

"The delivery of this online conference is the most enjoyable and easy to use experiences I've encountered. Keep up the great use of the state-of-the-art technology." - Dale Nolan, Project Manager at Athenahealth

"This is the best online conference I know I try to register for it every year" - Janine Webster, Project Manager at Trintoplan Consultants

"This was my first online conference with IIL. It has exceeded my expectations. The speakers (video and live Q&A format) are above and beyond what I've experienced with other online seminars. The cost is so affordable. I think this video and audio format made it feel like I was at an in-person seminar day." - Karen Iannucci, Program Manager at UPMC Health Plan

"As someone beginning their career in Project Management, IPM Day was a great resource for me to learn from more experienced PMs." - Mark Buchakjian, Project Manager at SAP

"Excellent learning and networking event! Content was both relevant and applicable." - Patricia Lee, Lead Manager at Thomson

"As always the event is spot on. It's comforting to get out of the daily project management chores as observe the outside world of project and program management" - Steve Deafenbaugh, Project Manager at Dell EMC