John K. Coyle

Design Thinking & Innovation Expert | Olympic Medalist

Strengths 2.0: Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Consider the adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is it time to change your approach? Through the metaphor of sport, learn how individuals and teams can use innovation approaches to identify and leverage their unique strengths (and design around weaknesses).

By attending this session, you will become empowered to:


About John K. Coyle:

John K, Coyle is one of the world's leading experts in Design Thinking and Innovation. A highly sought-after speaker and lecturer, John is a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Engineering - Product Design (Design Thinking) as well as a graduate of Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of business with an MBA in organizational behavior, marketing and entrepreneurship. A former head of innovation for a Fortune 500 wireless telecom, John has also been the SVP of innovation for a leading strategy consultancy.

John is a world-class athlete in two sports (cycling and speedskating) and an Olympic silver medalist, as well as an NBC Olympic Sports analyst, and a guest lecturer on Innovation at several leading universities (Kellogg, Marquette, CEDIM). John is a two-time TEDx speaker, and an award-winning author of two books including the recent (2018) best seller Design For Strengths: Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths. John is also a leading speaker and writer in the field of “chronoception” - the neuroscience and psychology of how humans process time.