Rita J. King

EVP for Business Development

Science House

Applying Innovation to Processes

Innovation isn't just a big idea or product. It can and should be applied to the processes that shape the way organizations function. In this session, Science House EVP for Business Development will share tips from years of experience working with companies around the world as they shift to a more agile mindset to increase speed to market and quality; and apply innovation to the processes and cultural elements that slow organizations down.

Key Takeaways


About Rita J. King:

Rita works with leadership teams around the world to help them achieve the impossible. She is a futurist, advisor, writer and entrepreneur. She has served as Innovator-in-Residence at IBM and futurist at NASA Langley’s think-tank.

Rita is currently a futurist at the Science and Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences, for which she invents technologies, novel characters and story architecture. As a LinkedIn Influencer, she has over half a million followers. Features by her or about her work have appeared globally, from The New York Times to CNN, TIME, Fast Company, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Design Observer, the BBC, Le Figaro, Psychology Today and many more.

Rita is the creator of the Imagination Age (featured here in Forbes), a way to navigate between the Industrial Era, which is fading, but not gone, and the Intelligence Era, which is coming, but not here.