When it comes to training and development, are the real needs of your company being met? What are the skill gaps that most need to be addressed? Have you allocated your development spending to achieve maximum ROI?

IIL’s family of 360° Competency Assessments can help you measure proficiency levels, identify skill gaps and highlight areas of strength and opportunity – on both an individual and organizational level. You can also use them to enhance performance management efforts, to develop training roadmaps and career paths and to establish objective criteria for making decisions about hiring and project team member selection.


According to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, “Best in class organizations are more than twice as likely to identify competency data for each employee.”

The results of IIL’s competency assessments will guide you in creating development plans and benchmarking performance against well-defined metrics. All of our competency assessments can be customized to align with your company’s values and unique business needs.


All of IIL’s 360° Competency Assessments are online tools that can be accessed using any modern web browser.


Incorporating appropriate elements from PMI®, IPMA® and the IIBA®, the 360° Competency Assessments measure the knowledge and expertise of management and project delivery team members. Each helps you create development plans, benchmark performance against well-defined metrics and measure the effectiveness of improvement efforts.

  • Project Management – five domains and 37 competencies
  • Business Analysis – five domains and 39 competencies
  • Leadership – 5 domains and 20 competencies
  • Program Management – five domains and 38 competencies
  • Portfolio Management – six domains and 35 competencies
Benefits to Employees
Broadens awareness of one's own skills and gaps
Helps validate and refine career path definition
Defines the requirements of the current role
Benefits to Managers, Trainers, HR
Reveals hard to discover skill gaps
Guides development efforts and decision making
Assists in measuring the effectiveness of competency development interventions
Provides accurate data to improve team member selection and resource allocation
Benefits to Employers
Use it as a strategic planning tool for learning about individuals and how they can improve their skills and thereby enhance their contribution to your organization