Dr. Harold Kerzner - The Need for Metrics: Measuring the Ongoing Value of a Project
In this video we discuss establishing metrics that measure the project's value, both during execution and upon completion.
Frank P. Saladis, PMP - The Value Driven Project Manager
Gain keen insight into how core values are formed at the individual level and at the organizational level, and how these values drive personal performance and influence the effectiveness of the professional project manager.
Adrian Pagdin - Stakeholder Management: Gaining & Maintaining a Guiding Coalition of Support
No two stakeholders are identical, and often expectations that seem in accord at the time of conception, in reality vary greatly. This video shares a practical pathway to identifying, understanding, engaging with and winning the support of project stakeholders.
Ginger Levin - Nine Guidelines to Successfully Executing Portfolio Management in Your Organization
This video presents nine guidelines for successful implementation of portfolio management, or enhancement of your organization’s existing portfolio management process.
Cynthia Snyder - Why Having Emotional Intelligence is Important for Project Managers  
Having awareness of yourself and being able to manage yourself as well as having social awareness and social skills is critical to managing yourself, your team and your stakeholders. This video includes tips on how to increase your self-awareness.
George Pitagorsky - Mindfulness: A Critical Success Factor for Perfecting Your Project Management
This video focuses on how to cultivate mindfulness to dynamically balance technical, management and behavioral skills and perfect your project management performance.
Joan Knudson - Measurement of Project Management Success: From Making Sense to Making Cents
Learn more about the four plateaus and a process by which to measure the ROI gained from project management implementation and maintenance.
Bob Baim - Behavioral Aspects of Leadership
This video demonstrates strategies for integrating behavioral aspects of leadership into our current methodologies.
Bill Richardson - Five Myths about Project Sponsorship
This video addresses the somewhat dysfunctional mindsets that project managers can develop and sustain about sponsorship and sponsors.
Lynne Hambleton - Leadership: Latest Research on How to Best Influence People  
This video shares neuroscience research on leadership and organization interactions and explores the latest thinking on critical leadership skills for personal growth, enabling you to reflect on your strengths and challenge your behavior.