Sunil Prashara

President and CEO
Project Management Institute (PMI)®


Sheri Woodruff

VP of Communications
Project Management Institute (PMI)®


In an interview with Sheri Woodruff and Sunil Prashara, the President and CEO of Project Management Institute (PMI), they will outline how PMI delivers value for millions of professionals who consider project management part of their work in bringing strategy to life around the world.

Since joining PMI in March of 2019. Prashara has refreshed and renewed the Institute’s priorities of strategic focus, customer centricity and organizational agility. He will detail how the organization is delivering PMI 2.0 – and beyond – for its stakeholders.


  • Key accomplishments in his eight months since joining PMI, including increased globalization, expanded digitization, and unprecedented two-way communication with stakeholders around the world;
  • How PMI is transforming to deliver their value to stakeholders from age 5 to 75 – providing products and services to build life skills and career success for those who rely on PMI … sometimes even before they know they need it;
  • Previewing PMI’s path to become an “association of associations” – supporting professionals throughout their customized career journeys; and
  • The future of work is changing. Careers of knowledge workers will increasingly revolve around a portfolio of projects, rather than a static list of job responsibilities. PMI sees an opportunity to “Power the Project Economy” by understanding its implications on careers and work, and by helping organizations determine how to organize around projects for success.


As President and Chief Executive Officer of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Sunil Prashara is the lead advocate for PMI’s global organization, serving more than three million professionals working in nearly every country of the world. His primary responsibility is to implement PMI’s global strategic plan. This plan includes expanding the PMI footprint globally, as well as digitizing PMI’s offerings and platforms to benefit its members and a variety of other stakeholders. This plan will also continue to enhance and advocate for the profession of project management.

Sunil was names CEO of PMI in March of 2019. HE brings more than three decades of valuable global leadership to PMI, with a solid track record of setting and delivering strategy, managing large scale transformation agendas, and meeting growth targets for international organizations.

Prior to joining PMI, he serves as CEO of i1too Ltd in the U.K., a sales accelerator for digital start-ups, which he founded in 2016 and grew internationally. He previously serves as CEO of Expereo International, and he also held numerous executive leadership positions throughout the information and communications technology and telecommunications industries. His extensive multi-functional, multi-cultural, multi-geography experience includes managing sales, operations and digital transformation for companies such as Vodafone, Nokia, Accenture and Perot Systems (NTT).  As a business executive, he has developed an appreciation for project management expertise, and understands from an “outside-in” perspective how PMI can expand its reach globally.

Sunil speaks Punjabi and Hindu. He is a graduate of the University of London and resides in the U.K. with his wife Kavita and two sons Kamran and Raghav. He enjoys golf, boxing, martial arts and traveling.